Quick setup guides

Genelec Quick setup guidesHow to set up your Genelec monitor system very easily and quickly. Few words, just the bare necessities, no fancy talk. Download, print, and you are off and monitoring in a matter of minutes. (Select proper paper size on Adobe Acrobat to print out.)

The brochures are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You must install free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files. To download visit their website.

M Series [ENG] (216 KB)
6010A [ENG] (267 KB)
8020B [ENG] (104 KB)
8030A [ENG] (1.51 MB)
8040A and 8050A [ENG] (817 KB)
1032A (also for 1031A and 1030A) [ENG] (357 KB)
1037 and 1038 (also for S30)
[ENG] (361 KB)
5040A [ENG] (343 KB)
7050B [ENG] (365 KB)
7060B, 7070A and 7071A [ENG] (349 KB)
Monitor Focusing Angles Diagram [ENG] (12 KB)
GLM Quick Connection Guide [ENG] (90 KB)
GLM.SE Quick Connection Guide [ENG] (65 KB)