No pre-amp outputs on my equipment - how do I connect the monitors to the speaker outputs of my power amplifier?

Yes and No. Do not connect the monitors directly to a power amplifier output, as the monitor's input stage will be damaged. Use the simple attenuator design shown below. Be sure to make all of the connections shown to minimize noise interference. The 2-core method is preferred over the 1-core method as it gives increased noise immunity and less signal distortion. It is important that all of the connections are made otherwise there could be a loss of input signal level (e.g. XLR pin 3 left floating) or induced hum (e.g. chassis ground and audio ground connected together) due to ground loops. Note: do not connect the XLR chassis to XLR pin 1, as this will compromise the RF immunity of the monitor's electronics.

Amplifier speaker output to XLR input

  1. Do not use this method on bridged amplifier designs as the amplifier may be damaged.
  2. Speaker wires should be used between the amplifier and the attenuator.
  3. Screened (shielded) wires should be used from the attenuator to the monitor input.
  4. The attenuator box can be metal or plastic and one attenuator is required per monitor channel