Which models in the GENELEC range are magnetically shielded?

2-Way Monitors

All Genelec 2-way monitors come with magnetic shielding as standard.

This was also provided on the following discontinued products:1029A, 1030A, 1031A, 2029A and 2029B


3-Way Monitors and Main Monitors

Magnetic shielding is an option on 3-Way Monitors and Main Monitors. The availability varies depending on the model:

S30D (discontinued) - has magnetic shielding fitted to the bass and midrange drivers only - this offers partial magnetic shielding as the ribbon driver cannot be shielded.
1034B - can be retrofitted with magnetic shielding at the Genelec factory only
1037C, 1038B, 1038BC, 1034BC - magnetic shielding as standard
1039A, 1035B, 1036A- cannot be fitted with magnetic shielding



7050B, 7060B, 7070A, 7071A and 7073A - magnetic shielding as standard

If you are not sure if you have magnetic shielding fitted to your monitor check the amplifier back plate for the wording "Magnetically Shielded" or a white sticker "Magnetic Shield".

Magnetically Shielded

Note: Monitors' that have been retrofitted with magnetic shielding may not have the sticker on the amplifier back plate. The safest way to check is by inspection after removing the DCW™. Magnetically shielded models have an additional magnet ring glued onto the rear of the treble driver. All 1029A's, 2029A's and 2029B's were magnetically shielded but without any indications on the cabinet.