How do I control the volume of GENELEC monitors?

There are many ways to control the volume of GENELEC monitors. Some of the ways we recommend are:
  • "Monitor" or "main L/R" output buss of your mixing desk
  • Outputs of a surround sound decoder pre-amplifier
  • Pre-amplifier outputs of a surround sound amplifier
  • Outputs of a stereo pre-amplifier
  • Pre-amplifier (or tape) outputs of a stereo amplifier
  • Speaker outputs of any power amplifier WITH one attenuator per channel

The 8020B and 8030A have volume controls on the front panel.

Note: if you have multiple 8030A's daisy-chained, use the first 'master' unit to control the level of the entire group of monitors.

Volume control was also available on 1029A, 2029A and 2029B. The 2029A and 2029B pairs were controlled by the right hand side master unit.