Which cabinet finishes are available?

The cabinet finishes available depend on monitor model:


  • 6010A, 8020B, 8030A

    The 6010A, 8020B and 8030A aluminium cabinets are available, as standard, in Black, Silver and White.

    Genelec 8020A finishes
    Genelec 8020B finishes

  • 8040A, 8050A

    The 8040A and 8050A aluminium cabinets are available, as standard, in Black and White.

  • 8130A

    The 8130A aluminium cabinet is available in Black only

  • 1032A, 1037C, 1038B

    There are two cabinet finishes available for these models:

    Black real wood birch veneer
    Black real wood birch veneer
    Black paint
    Black paint (Producer Finish)

    The fundamental difference is that the painted finish is more robust and does not scratch so easily, whereas the real wood veneer looks nicer. The painted version also has slightly rounded corners. It is called "Producer Finish" as record producers often take their personal set of monitors with them from studios to studios, therefore, a more robust finish is required.

  • 1038BC, 1034B, 1034BC, 1039A, 1035B, 1036A

    These models all have a real wood birch finish on the front panel only. The side and rear panels are black painted MDF. Normally these models are flush-mounted so attractive and expensive finishes on the side and rear panels of the cabinet are not required.

  • Subwoofers are only available in painted black finish


Discontinued Models:

  • 1029A, 2029A, 2029B (discontinued)

    The 1029A aluminium cabinet was available, as standard, in painted Black, Grey and White. The 2029A and 2029B were only available, as standard, in painted black.
    Genelec 1029A finishes

    Genelec 1029A finishes

  • 1030A (discontinued) was only available with the painted finish
  • 1031A (discontinued) was available in both black birch veneer and black paint
  • S30D's (discontinued) are only available in the wood veneer finish.