Can I use the digital input of 8130A (S30D and 2029A/B) in a 5.1 surround system?

The digital inputs on these systems are designed for AES-EBU (S/P-DIF for 2029A only) digital transmission protocols. These protocols only carry 2 channels, so 3 digital lines are required in a full 5.1 channel installation. For example, you could assign as follow pairs of channels to different digital outputs on your mixing desk:

  • Digital Output 1 = Left and Right
  • Digital Output 2 = Centre and LFE
  • Digital Output 3 = Rear Left and Rear Right

Then position and connect the monitors so that the correct output channel is played from the correct monitor.

If you want to use a subwoofer with these systems then the LFE channel should be fed straight from the mixing desk to the subwoofer. It is not possible to use the GENELEC subwoofer built-in analog bass management system with digital signals.

However the SE7261A DSP subwoofer receives only AES/EBU signals and can be used together with 8130A's active monitors and the GLM.SE software.