Genelec Bass Management System

Genelec Bass ManagementIn stereo reproduction, signals from 20 Hz to 20 kHz need to be replayed. Large multi-way monitoring systems will reproduce such a wide bandwidth evenly. With multichannel audio, professional and consumer audio systems must also be able to reproduce audio between 20 Hz and 20 kHz for each channel. To achieve this, main monitors, subwoofers and crossover electronics should work together.
A Bass Management system uses either analogue electronic circuitry or software based filtering which will filter low frequency information from the main channels and route that information to a single subwoofer feed.  Low frequencies can be reproduced by one (or more) subwoofer source that can be optimally placed in the room.  The dedicated LFE channel can also be monitored via that subwoofer and added to the low frequencies of the other main channels.  Therefore, the Bass Management’s basic and main goal is to ensure that the entire audio bandwidth of all channels can be accurately monitored.

To learn more, see our Bass Management Animation here below.

Genelec Bass Management Animation