SE DSP Systems

Genelec SE™ DSP System supports three modes of operation:

  • Stand Alone: This mode models Genelec 8000/7000 products with standard set of room response controls and sensitivity adjustments found on the connector panel DIP switches.

  • GLM.SE™ Computer Assisted: Once the loudspeaker control network is connected and running, all DIP switches on the SE 7261A connector panel are ignored. All acoustic parameters of the loudspeakers through AutoCal™ or User Adjustment are controlled by GLM.SE™. This mode allows very flexible user defined setups to facilitate a wide variety of mixing requirements.

  • Stand Alone Stored Settings: All acoustic parameters defined in GLM.SE™ software can be permanently stored in the SE7261A and the network then removed, providing users with the confidence of secure and consistent performance when a computer with GLM.SE™ software is not used.

SE DSP System

featuring SE7261A subwoofer and 8130A's active monitors