Genelec Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE™) Technology

Genelec LSE™ Laminar Spiral Enclosure Technology The electro-acoustic demands placed on subwoofers over the last decade have increased substantially to the point where traditional design concepts are no longer valid. Thus, it is incumbent for industry leaders to take bold initiatives in order to achieve the absolute best performance possible. Drawing on years of acoustic research and knowledge, Genelec's engineering group accepted the challenges placed upon them. The totally unique, curvilinear shape of the LSE™ Series Active Subwoofer enclosure is the revolutionary patent-pending result of their efforts.

LSE enclosure
The spiral-shaped design yields an extremely rigid enclosure exterior while also forming the subwoofer's integral port. The fact that one is part of the other means that air flow in and out of the enclosure's interior through the port is totally unrestricted. This results in an extraordinarily accurate and responsive low-frequency system with measured second and third harmonic distortion levels typically better than 30 dB below the fundamental.

When combined with Genelec stereo, 6.1 and 7.1 bass management active electronics, the LSE™ Series Subwoofers offer a low-frequency listening experience unlike any other.

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