Genelec Smart Active Monitor (SAM™) Series

Genelec Sam Systems A sound engineer needs to have a reliable and precise monitoring system that reproduces sound neutrally and without distortion. A monitor, which is capable of automatically adapting to acoustical environments and correcting for levels, delays and room effects is an indispensable tool for an audio professional.

Genelec Smart Active Monitor (SAM) addresses all these demanding tasks building upon the solid electro-acoustical foundations of the 8000 and 7000 Series products. A SAM system can be controlled with digital networking enabling you to build a highly flexible monitoring system. All acoustical features of SAMs can be optimised with software calibration for different working styles or client demands. Genelec SAM is the most advanced monitoring technology available today.

Genelec SAM™ Monitors and Subwoofers

8260A brochure The 8240A and 8250A two-way SAM monitors are designed for near-field monitoring applications. The unique three-way 8260A extends the range to mid-sized rooms, while the new 1237A and 1238A together with the compact 1238CF cover larger room applications.

The 8260A presents the proprietary Minimum Diffraction Coaxial™ (MDC) treble/midrange driver perfectly matched with the large DCW™. This breakthrough in coaxial design provides improved imaging and overall sound quality on- and off-axis, extremely smooth frequency response leading to outstanding clarity and definition of the inner details of the music (click here for a detailed 8260A video presentation).

Designed for medium to large listening environments, Genelec new three-way SAM systems, the 1237A and 1238A combine Genelec experience in the design of three-way systems together with its state of the art AutoCal™, automated self-calibration algorithm, and Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™) control network technologies in a single package. Key to the critical reproduction of midrange frequencies, Genelec 1237A and 1238A feature a proprietary midrange driver designed and hand-made in the Genelec factory in Finland.

To complement SAM monitors and built upon the proven 7000 Series Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSETM) technology, the 7260A, 7270A and 7271A SAM subwoofers deliver articulate and precise low frequency reproduction. SAM subwoofers feature a built-in 7.1 bass management system and provide the cornerstone for control room environments equipped with fully digital monitor/buss outputs featuring connectivity via four AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs. Connected to Genelec network and controlled via the GLM software and AutoCal, powerful control resources and enhanced acoustic integration are provided for every SAM subwoofer model in any control room environment.

SAM systems are, by design, straightforward and easy to use, versatile in configuration and adaptable acoustically to nearly any environment you place them in, providing outstanding clarity, definition and neutrality that you can always trust.

Genelec SAM SE™ System

SE DSP System Compact, easy to set up and use, the Genelec SAM SE™ (Small Environment) monitoring system offers the benefits of Genelec’s SAM technology in a compact format. At the heart of the system is the SE7261A DSP subwoofer supporting eight channels of digital audio and network control. The 8130A digital input active monitors receive DSP-processed audio and control signals from the high-pass filtered output signal of the SE7261A subwoofer, allowing the 8130A’s to be aligned and adjusted to perfection. Genelec SAM SE™ System uses the dedicated Genelec Loudspeaker Manager for Small Environments (GLM.SE™) software featuring AutoCal™.

GLM™ Software with AutoCal™ for PC and Mac

GLM software The Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™) software provides necessary control of all monitors and subwoofers on the network via standard CAT5 cabling. All functions and settings are stored in custom user setups or directly into each monitor. AutoCal is an automated algorithm that runs within GLM™ using a calibrated Genelec measurement microphone which sets correctly levels, distance, delays, phase (for subwoofers) and room response equalization which features SinglePoint™ and MultiPoint™ microphone locations for one, two or three-person mixing environments.

Genelec AD9200A A/D Converter

AD9200A Accessing the benefits of Genelec’s SAM systems is easy using Genelec AD9200A analogue to digital converter. The AD9200A allows the use of Genelec 7200 Series SAM subwoofers with analogue signal sources, bringing the full potential of Genelec’s SAM monitoring systems to all applications.

It features eight-channels of balanced analogue inputs delivered via a 25-pin DB25 connector. The AD9200A outputs digital audio via four XLR connectors in AES3 format with 24 bit word length and 192 kHz sample rate.

Genelec SAM™ Technologies

DSP icon
  • Genelec SAM systems utilize DSP to allow for all standard AES/EBU formats of digital audio sources
  • SAM systems will accept sampling rates ranging from 32 kHz to 192 kHz
  • The 8200 Series will also accept traditional analogue signals and perform using all the features and benefits of Genelec 8000 Series products
  • For more info -> 8200/7200 SAM Systems - Modes of operation
  • For more info -> SAM SE™ System - Modes of operation

Autocal logo
  • AutoCal™ is an automated acoustical calibration tool for a single room with multiple monitoring systems. A factory-calibrated Genelec measurement microphone is included
  • Uses a calibrated Genelec measurement microphone (included)
  • Correctly sets levels, distance compensating delays, phase (for subwoofers) and room response equalization
  • SinglePoint™ and MultiPoint™ microphone locations for one, two or three-person mixing environments
  • Interactive Response Editor provides visual readout of measured and corrected response curves as well as full manual editing of acoustic settings
  • For more info -> Autocal™

GLM logo
  • Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™) is a computer software that provides necessary control of all monitors and subwoofers on the network
  • Up to 25 monitors and 5 subwoofers are definable and controllable via standard CAT5 cabling
  • All functions and settings are stored in GLM System Setup Files or directly into each monitor and subwoofer
  • For more info -> Genelec Loudspeaker Manager features

GLM SE logo
  • Genelec Loudspeaker Manager for Small Environments (GLM.SE™) is a computer software that provides complete control of the SAM SE™ Monitoring System
  • Standard CAT5 cabling connects the host computer to the SE7261A DSP subwoofer and up to eight 8130A digital input monitors, connected to the subwoofer with standard AES/EBU cabling
  • For more info -> GLM for Small Environments™

Further SAM Systems information

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