Free-standing loudspeakers combined with subwoofer

When using subwoofers the additional crossover (at 85 Hz) between the two loudspeaker systems changes the whole monitoring configuration. The subwoofer itself should be placed close to the wall(s) in order to maximize its efficiency – maximum distance of 60 cm. This also eliminates most of the possible sources of cancellation dips in the subwoofer response, because the subwoofer is acoustically close to the boundaries.

‘Satellite’ loudspeakers high-passed at 85 Hz do not have to reproduce very low frequencies so they may be placed at a distance where low frequency notches do not occur in their pass-band. The guidelines for placing ‘satellite’ loudspeakers are similar to the ones for free-standing loudspeakers.

The ‘acceptable’ distance extends out to 1.1 m due to the fixed low frequency cut-off of the ‘satellite’ loudspeakers. From 1.1…2 m, the loudspeakers may be placed without serious compromises from the wall behind the loudspeaker’s reflection and corresponding cancellation effects. Although Genelec subwoofers provide accurate phase control facilities at the crossover point, the ‘satellite’ loudspeakers should not be placed too far (max. 2 m) from the subwoofer. If this is the case, the tonal balance between the satellite loudspeakers and the subwoofer may differ considerably due to excitation of different room modes by the sources.

Free standing witrh subwoofer

Figure 1 - Distances from a single wall to the front baffle of the loudspeakers combined with subwoofer(s). Correct (green), acceptable (orange) and avoid (red).