Lars-Olof Janflod to Head up Expanded Marketing Team at Genelec Oy

Genelec Oy has today announced the appointment of Lars-Olof Janflod to the position of Marketing and Public Relations Director. In addition to this new leadership role the company has also announced an expansion of its marketing team to enhance the delivery of product, training and customer services across the globe.

Siamak Naghian, Managing Director of Genelec Oy, is delighted that Lars-Olof is taking up this key position: “Lars-Olof has two decades of audio industry experience and is known industry-wide for his distinguished contribution to professional monitoring,” he says. “This experience and his depth of knowledge of all aspects of the audio industry will be invaluable as he assumes leadership of our newly expanded marketing department.” 

“On a personal level, I’m really looking forward to this new role as I enjoy being involved in all aspects of the marketing mix,” comments Lars-Olof. “During my time at the company there have been many changes both at Genelec and in the wider audio community and I am looking forward to drawing on these experiences to meet new challenges alongside a very talented team of people.”

The newly reorganized and expanded marketing and public relations department at Genelec will now has responsibility for all areas of marketing communications, customer services, and business development. The other key appointments are:

•  Willem Haen is the new Marketing Communications Manager and will be responsible activities related to brand development, social media, content creation, marketing and customer materials, and trade shows.

•  Markus Kahelin has been appointed as Customer Service Manager and will take responsibility for customer and technical services, consultation, calibration, product repairs and spare parts, as well as technical education. .

•  Terho Savolainen has been appointed as Business Development Manager and will be leading the market analysis and research, forecasting, capacity planning and product portfolio work.