Year 2003

Silverdown Unveils New 5.1 Studio

Silverdown Unveils New 5.1 StudioSilverdown Studio has installed a complete 5.1 Genelec monitoring system featuring 1034B, 1031A and the new 7073A sub-woofers, to cope with the heavy demand it has been experiencing for 5.1 work.

The H...

Genelec 1091A, 1092A, 1094A Subwoofers Are Discontinued

Genelec 1091A, 1092A, 1094A Subwoofers Are Discontinued 1091A, 1092A and 1094A subwoofers are discontinued by the end of January 2003 and replaced by LSE series active subwoofers.

More Digital 5.1 at Finnish Broadcasting

More Digital 5.1 at Finnish BroadcastingWith the opening of two new fully digital 5.1 audio post production studios, YLE, the Finnish state broadcaster, is entering the final phase of its nationwide move to an all-digital signal chain in bo...

New Genelec Active Subwoofer: 7073A

New Genelec Active Subwoofer: 7073AA powerful and precise bass reproduction tool for large Surround Sound or Stereo installations.
Main Features:

* Efficient port/enclosure design
* Highly configurable 6.1 channel Bass Manager
* Unpara...

First Pair of 1036A in North Europe

First Pair of 1036A in North EuropeLundgaard Studios is a residential studio complex in rural Denmark - and a very well-equipped one at that - sporting 2 main control rooms with Euphonix and SSL E-Series consoles, plus a number of edit...

Olympic Goes 5.1 with Genelec

Olympic Goes 5.1 with GenelecOlympic Studios, the West London recording facility situated in Barnes, has installed a new Genelec 5.1 monitoring system based around the new 7071A LSE™ subs, with their unique bass management.