Genelec scores a Eurovision winner

Lordi1 Eurovision setupGenelec, the pre-eminent manufacturer of active monitoring technology, is to provide all the speaker systems for this year’s prestigious Eurovision Song Contest, which is expected to be watched by an audience of 150 million.

This huge event will be broadcast live by the Finnish national broadcaster YLEfrom Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena on May 12. YLE has already had a long collaboration with Genelec, having employed Genelec monitoring systems for more than 25 years in its studios. During that time Genelec has proven itself both on a technical level and in reliability of performance. Genelec is providing YLE with every monitor it requires – some 34 pieces in all - for a range of venues including the Master Control Room, Viewing Room and Green Room.

Genelec’s ground-breaking 8200 and 7200 DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Series Monitors with GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Management) and AutoCal have been requested by YLE for all ‘mission critical’ areas. These unique monitors are ideal for temporary set ups as they automatically measure, analyse and calibrate to compensate for less-than-perfect room acoustics. This breakthrough technology also allows monitoring to be set up very accurately and quickly. What is more, thanks to Genelec’s DSP system, YLE can be assured that the sound delivered from the temporary Music Mixing Room to the temporary Master Control Room is what will be delivered to viewers worldwide.

Eurovision Song Contest 2007 Audio Designer, Pasi Vatunen, said, "The first time I heard Genelec 8000-series speakers, I instantly knew that these were a hit product. The improvement they offered, especially in hi-mid and high frequencies was remarkable. When the DSP series with Genelec’s Loudspeaker Management (GLM) and AutoCal software came out, I knew this was the way to go. The troubles with room acoustics in low and low-mid frequencies are dealt with very efficiently with GLM’s Auto Calibration."

"We will building a temporary Music Mixing Control Room for the Helsinki Arena for the Eurovision Song Contest final and the DSP models are a perfect solution to achieve proper monitoring in these conditions. We will use a Genelec 8250A series and a 7271A subwoofer for 5.1 music mixing and the same set up in the Viewing Room, where artists will hear their rehearsals played back."

The speaker setups are as follows:

  • Music Mixing Room – an 8250A/7270A 5.1 system
  • Master Control Room - an 8240A /7270A 5.1 system.
  • Viewing Room – an 8250A/7271A 5.1 system
  • VIP Area - a 1034B/BC, 1038B and 7073A 5.1 system
  • Green Room - 12 pairs of the 8250A system and one pair of 8130A
  • Media Centre - 1 pair of the 1035B system
  • EuroClub at Vanha Yo-talo, where Genelec and other audio equipment manufacturers can bring guests to watch the Eurovision, – an 8250A /7271A 5.1 system.Lordi2 group pic

    This Eurovision Song Contest will be the 51st and Helsinki was chosen as the venue because the Finnish heavy metal band Lordi won last year’s contest. The contest was first broadcast in 1956 and is one of the longest-running TV shows in the world. As one of the most-watched non-sporting events in the world, it has been broadcast way beyond Europe to countries including Australia, India, Korea and the United States. Since 2000 it has also been broadcast over the Internet with more than 74,000 people having watched the 2006 contest on-line. This year artists from 42 countries will be performing songs that will be in competition to win.

    The Genelec speakers will be delivered to the Helsinki venue on April 18 in time for the first set up day. Sound rehearsals begin on April 27 and a technical team from Genelec will be on hand at critical points including the rehearsals, run-throughs and finals.