New SE™ DSP System: the perfect package for small production rooms

New SE DSP SystemGenelec, the leading manufacturer of active monitoring solutions, introduces the SE™ (Small Environments) DSP Monitoring System, designed to solve many of the acoustic problems associated with small recording and mixing environments. The SE™ DSP Monitoring System offers Genelec’s outstanding quality of performance in an affordable and easy-to-use package and is ideal for near field monitoring, mobile vans, digital audio workstations, broadcast and TV control rooms, surround sound systems, home studios and multimedia applications.

The SE™ DSP System combines the new SE7261A 10 inch DSP subwoofer with 8130A digital input active monitors, for easy configuration into sub-assisted stereo or multi-channel reference systems. Software control is reassuringly simple with the SE7261A DSP subwoofer providing all necessary network connections to the host computer and supplying extensive DSP resources through its high-pass AES digital outputs to the 8130A.

New GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager) SE™ software provides the familiar graphic interface to speed users through system setup and AutoCal™ acoustic calibration. 

The new SE7261A active DSP subwoofer includes: 
  • Eight channel AES/EBU bass management
  • Four notch filters applied to sub channels
  • AutoPhase sub integration
  • And the 8 channel high-pass outputs to 8130A’s each have:
  • Two notch filters
  • Time of flight compensation
  • Level alignment
  • Video display delay compensation
  • Like all Genelec DSP systems, the new SE™ System is designed to adapt to the user's listening environment accurately and quickly. The SE™ System is an exciting new package that owes its existence to a combination of nearly 30 years of on-site room measurements, a decade of DSP network system development and active monitoring technology that is uniquely Genelec's, featuring all-aluminum Minimum Diffraction Enclosure™ (MDE™) cabinets and Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE™) technologies. It all goes to prove that experience counts when you want the best.

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