The Beijing Planetarium - 'Music of the Spheres' with Genelec

Beijing Planetarium
With the rebuilding of the Beijing Planetarium completed, the main theatre has taken on a totally new appearance and has unprecedented audio and projection facilities. Frank Shao from Pro Audio Asia reports.

Built in 1957 as the first large-scale planetarium in Asia, the Beijing Planetarium has welcomed tens of millions of visitors since it first opened its doors to the public. It has played an important role in the presentation of scientific concepts as well as popularising astronomical knowledge and being an entertainment attraction.

With strong support from the Beijing Municipal Government, a two-phase reconstruction of the facility was undertaken. The first phase of the project was begun at the end of 2001 and ran until the end of 2004, involving the construction of a new planetarium facility. Once this was opened, the second-phase of the project was the rebuilding of the old planetarium, which began in March 2007. After a further year of construction work, equipment installation and debugging, and installation of the displays, the project was completed prior to beginning of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Article published with kind permission from Pro Audio Asia magazine.

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