Bluebox Recording Studio in Surround with Genelec DSP

Bluebox StudioThe renowned radio and TV post production company Bluebox, based in Burgdorf Switzerland, has expanded its Genelec DSP monitoring system to 5.1.

The investment in Genelec DSP stereo system done in late 2007 brought to Bluebox Crew from Burgdorf a great deal of enthusiasm. At that time, they already thought about surround setups since the Dolby Digital demand from the Radio and TV world is growing every day. The logical extension into multichannel was a matter of time.

Bluebox StudioIt is now done. The first Swiss Genelec DSP surround-equipped private post-production studio went into production in late summer 2008. Owners Martin Lehmann and his team are extremely happy about the digital setup. "The flexibility of this setup allows us to simplify our workflow considerably," says a satisfied Pat Flückiger, producer and sound designer of BlueBox.

Especially in the low-end, existing problematic frequencies are now reproduced by the perfectly calibrated 7270A DSP subwoofer, well integrated in the 5.1 setup. No rumble or flutter in the LFE channel, and using up to four digital filters and automatic correction via AutoCal, clean and reliable signal down to 19Hz is obtained.

Bluebox StudioFor the second control room a particularly clever solution was found. Since the surround speakers in room 1 are not all the time in use they can be transferred into room 2.

Thanks to the stored settings of the Genelec DSP loudspeaker systems, they can be setup in seconds. Thus, without big issues the same reliable and accurate sound image can be obtained – a must for professional productions.

Congratulations to the BlueBox Team - and thank you for your trust.

Control Room 1 and 2:
- 5x Genelec 8250A
- 1x Genelec 7270A 
- 1x GLM Software incl. AutoCal for Mac

Control Room 3:
- 2x Genelec 8020A
- 1x Genelec 7050B