New GLM V1.2.0. Software for Windows and Mac

GLM V1-2-0We are pleased to announce that the new Genelec Loudspeaker Manager software Release 1.2.0 is now available.

The GLM V1.2.0. runs on PC with Windows XP or Vista as well as MAC OS X with Panther, Tiger, or Leopard operating systems.

This new software version is also available for customers who currently run GLM V1.1.X as a downloadable upgrade on the Genelec website if they are properly registered.

Note that this software release is only for GLM and not GLM SE software. 

New features in the GLM V1.2.0. software package include:

Genelec Network Interface Device with Integrated Soundcard

The new Network Interface Device now incorporates a high quality 48 kHz soundcard. This addition greatly improves the handling errors during AutoCal in comparison to the 3rd party soundcards that are internal or external to the computer. 


AutoLink quick key startup is a user-definable application that allows the user to define ALT, Ctrl, or Option key combination with either numbers or F keys to start and launch and load GLM and GLM Setups. This is a convenient way to streamline the start-up of GLM as well as load setups in one keystroke, as well as use the Home, End and ESC keys for volume commands.

Floating Optional dB Display

This Setup-defined feature provides a convenient volume level display that floats on top of other application pages when GLM is minimized. It can be freely positioned as well as its transparency set. 

User Definable Disable/Enable functions on Griffin Powermate

The three available functions for the Powermate knob are; Rotary Volume Control, Mute (on quick down stroke), and Bass Manager Bypass (on long push–and- hold). Access to the definitions page is on the pull-down menu under the Setup Tab on the Main GLM page.