6010A & 5040A - A Diminutive Full Fidelity System - PAR Review

6010A systemFrank Wells, editorial director of Pro Audio Review, reports in their February 2009 issue. 

For applications centered around computers, such as a producer approving mixes from his office or an engineer mixing on a laptop, typical studio monitors are not always practical or effective, though quality playback remains crucial.

Genelec has addressed the needs of this class of professional listener with a no-compromise system designed specifically for computer interface and desktop monitoring. The diminutive 6010A loudspeaker follows the form and function of Genelec’s 8000 series in a sub-compact format. When married with the companion 5040A subwoofer, the result is a full bandwidth, full fidelity system for stereo and surround monitoring, tailored to the application.

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