Genelec Monitors at the Mumbai 54th Filmfare Awards

Filmfare 09
The Oscars of Bollywood are undoubtedly Filmfare where has been providing audio solutions for the second year in a row, added with doing the broadcast sound as well this year. was awarded the complete contract for providing the various audio solutions needed for that show. Audio requirements of such high standards require an immense amount of experience, expertise, responsibility and pressure, to meet the expectations. At such shows backstage space is at premium and every piece of gear has to sound incredible, be extremely compact and fully loaded with key features allowing complex signal distribution, amplification, alignment and equalization of the entire sound system.
Filmfare 09
Wireless installations for events like this are very demanding and need the best technicians to plan the system and frequency allocations for flawless operation. The entire sprawling Yash Raj Studios looked like it was a Star Wars flick of antennae backstage and hidden in the lawns. On the red carpet, as Bollywood spoofs and gags right through the show had the hosts coming from outside to inside the studios, their audio had to be routed from different locations in the entire complex.

The show kicked off with a full blown live act by Farhan Akthar singing various songs from the hit film ‘Rock On’ following up to the awards and other acts by the who’s who of Bollywood.

Filmfare 09The whole team effort was quite remarkable. Sunil Karanjikar did an extraordinary job on with the engineering for this project, which was an extremely challenging job in such acoustically difficult venues. He also manned the console well assisted by backstage lifeline Yasin Shaikh and Ranjit Singh. Gilroy Valladares worked on the music and cues for the show and cooperated with Cineyug crew with a lot of patience and concentration. Yash Panchal took care of the entire broadcast audio for Filmfare and made sure that TV sound engineer Seby Fernandes had an easy going gig. Siraj Khan managed the rehearsals for nearly six days.

On the broadcast audio side, an entire set of 16 mixes were sent from a Vi6 console into a transformer splitter that ran into the 4th floor of the broadcast room where the show was mixed by Seby Fernandes, on Genelec 8030A loudspeaker nearfield monitors with a 7060A subwoofer. also provided Genelec monitors for special instrument stage monitoring and also at the FOH mixing console.