Genelec at the AES ‘Audio for Games’ Conference

AES games
The 35th AES conference took place at the Royal Academy of Engineering in the heart of London during February 2009, the venue situated on The Mall over looking St. James’s Park between Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace, provided an inspiring venue for the AES – Audio for Games” conference .

Genelec provided two speaker systems for the event, one being a 7.1 DSP system using 8250A and a 7271A subwoofer. This was used by Ville Pulkki of Helsinki University of Technology to demonstrate his DirAC based audio engine technology, which uses spatial audio synthesis to place sound sources in a virtual 3D world. 

The second system was a 14.1 system of 8020A’s and a 7070A. In this state the system was used by Richard Furse of Blue Ripple Sound to demonstrate “Advanced Spatial Audio with OpenAL”, with speakers placed near to the floor and high above the listener for true 3D surround. 

Blue Ripple Sound Limited specialises in 3D surround sound using small or large numbers of speakers. Speakers can be arranged in all sorts of different ways with speakers around the audience or even above and below. 
The system can play back Ambisonic recordings and can also be used with PC games for a unique 3D experience.

Founder Richard Furse said: "we use fourteen 8020As and a 7060B for most of our R&D and listening tests. We performed tests on monitors from a number of manufacturers before taking that decision, but in the end it was easy: the 8020A's linearity was in another league, both on- and off-axis. Ambisonics is based on linear maths and it's great to be able to confirm that the maths and the actual sound in the room match up."

In a stripped down version, running as 8.1, this same system was also used by Simon Goodwin of Codemasters, to provide a practical demonstration of “3D Sound for 3D games-beyond 5.1” providing a practical demonstration of the techniques and methods described in his paper of the same name.

The conference with its emphasis on cutting edge technologies and techniques, gave industry professionals a great opportunity to share their experience on how to get the most out of existing and future technologies. Attendance reached nearly double the expected number of delegates, with visitors from across the globe. It was deemed a great success by all involved, and talk of the need to do it all again soon was reflected by all.