York Minster to Echo to the Sound of Heritage

York Minster event with Genelec
A unique event showcasing the links between heritage, sound-art and music will take place in the dramatic setting of York Minster next month. Genelec active monitoring systems will be used to reproduce the sound of this unique event.

I Hear Too: Live which is organized by AudioLab researchers in the Department of Electronics at the University of York, will feature seven specially commissioned music, performance, and sound-art installation works in various locations in the Minster.

They include Octo: Sotto Voce, an 8-channel sound installation presenting an audio montage of whispered voices in the Chapter House, and A Ripple on the World’s Pool, an audio-visual piece in The Quire based on the sound of the Minster bells.

The initiative involved researchers, artists and scientists, as well as partners from industry, museums and heritage venues. They worked together to explore the role that acoustics, audio, music and sound-art have in our understanding and experience of heritage. 

Dr Damian Murphy, who is leading the I Hear Too project, said: “We are trying to engage the audience – and visitors to this stunning heritage site – in new and unique ways. These new works have been designed to exploit the canvas of York Minster itself and to get people to think again about what role this iconic building has in our society.

“Over the course of the evening, the program will explore, interpret and re-examine the space, architecture and daily life of the Minster. We shall encourage the audience to sit, walk or interact with the works as appropriate - it is not intended to be a traditional concert experience”

I Hear Too: Live starts at 8 pm on 7th October. Tickets are available from:
York Minster Box Office, Church House Ogleforth, York YO1 7JN, UK.