DSP Systems upgrade for Molinare TV & Film Studios

Molinare TV & Film
London-based TV and Film facilities company Molinare has completed a revamp of its audio suites with Genelec monitors supplied by Scrub distribution – HHB post division specialist. Edit suites are now equipped with 8030A and 8040A based systems, while audio suites have been upgraded to 8240A and 8250A based Genelec DSP surround systems.

Genelec DSP monitoring systems provide an advanced solution for accurate and consistent monitoring in multi-room facilities. The AutoCal™ automated algorithm running within Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™) software uses a calibrated Genelec measurement microphone to set correct levels, distance, delays, phase (for subwoofers) and room response equalization, with SinglePoint™ and MultiPoint™ microphone locations for one, two or three-person mixing environments.

The GLM™ software then provides necessary control of all loudspeakers and subwoofer on the network via standard CAT5 cabling. All functions and settings are stored in custom user setups or directly into each loudspeaker.
“At Molinare we have a range of mixing environments, most of which are surround-capable,” reports Molinare CTO Scott Holmgren. ‘With Genelec DSP Series monitoring system as our house standard, we’re able to ensure consistent, accurate monitoring, which we can recreate in any room with total precision.”

With a rich, 35 year history and a list of TV and Film credits including Lark Rise to Candleford, Mistresses, Silent Witness, The Damned United, Moon and Man On Wire, Molinare has grown to become the largest privately owned post production company in the UK.

Speaking on behalf of Scrub, Director of Sales Ben Nemes says, “We always relish the chance to show clients new and innovative ways to work. The Genelec DSP systems are exactly that, and the flexibility they provide for a busy facility like Molinare on large projects is invaluable.