Rock Guitar Academy and the Genelec choice.

Rock Guitar AcademyThe Rock Guitar Academy was the first academy of its kind to be found in Europe, specifically in Milan, Italy. The core of the academy and its lessons is all about guitar rock style and relevant actities/studies around it. Founder Donato Begotti, strongly believed and aimed at high-level education. That is what the Rock Guitar Academy is based on, along to important values such as friendship and human relations; most of the well known and highly-skilled italian guitarist, come from there.

Rock Guitar Academy hosts four rehearsal rooms, for lectures and workshops, it also features a fully functional and up to date recoding studio, for the students to work on their own recordings and music productions.

“While evaluating different type of audio monitors, the key point for us was always, high audio-fidelity and reliability, something that could also be, sturdy but stylish at the same" – Donato Begotti says –  "after a good number of tests, all our doubts were gone and the choice was clear: Genelec.".

Control rooms are equipped with 8050A, 8040A, 8030A, 1031A and 7070A monitors.
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