Genelec gets Smart at IBC 2013 with new SAM monitor series

IBC 2013Genelec is debuting the latest additions to its ground-breaking SAM (Smart Active Monitor) range now at IBC 2013. On stand 8-D61, the 1237A and 1238A monitors are taking centre stage with visitors experiencing why the SAM products set a new benchmark of monitor performance for mid-sized control rooms in broadcasting, post and music production.

1237A/1238A are three-way SAM monitors designed to adapt to their environment by tuning the frequency response to compensate for acoustical room influences and to achieve perfect alignment of volume levels at the listening position. Both monitors can be either free-standing or flush-mounted. The flush versions benefit from a powerful new RAM-L amplifier that can also be attached to the loudspeaker cabinet when the monitor is free standing. Both of these installation options are currently on the Genelec stand.

Genelec NEW SAM 1237A / 1238A“Since we launched SAM at last year’s IBC we’ve been hard at work on adding larger monitors to the range and the 1237A and 1238A are the result,” says Lars-Olof Janflod, Marketing and PR Director at Genelec. “We’ve developed these new monitors in response to the changing nature of broadcast and post-production workspaces; basically, with 1237A and 1238A you can achieve perfect monitor performance, whatever your environment. The SAM features ensure that these monitors adapt to their environment and are perfectly at home wherever they are installed.”

8000 Series setting the Standard for professional Audio

The 8000 Series represents the culmination of Genelec’s 35 years of experience in loudspeaker design and development and is also featuring at IBC. Suitable for a wide variety of tasks, including near-field monitoring, mobile vans, broadcast control rooms and surround sound systems, the range produces high SPL output, low colouration and broad bandwidth in a small enclosure size. The Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™) and advanced Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) combine to provide excellent frequency balance in even the most difficult acoustic environments.

Sustainable Genelec

Genelec aims to be the leading professional audio monitoring company and places huge importance in environmental credentials, too. It is one of the key elements of its approach to continuous improvement of all products and processes. Genelec is proud to commit its efforts to sustainability, which is reflected in its ISO9001 quality and ISO14001 environmental certificates.

The sustainability thinking is also evident in the materials used for Genelec products. The 8000 Series enclosure uses recycled aluminium and the new M Series for music creation benefits from a Natural Composite Enclosure. The NCETM is made from wood composite, doesn’t require painting and is recyclable at the end of the product lifecycle. At IBC 2013, visitors to Genelec’s booth can learn more about the enclosure materials.

Genelec SAM 1237A / 1238A pdf brochureGenelec ISS™ (Intelligent Signal-Sensing technology)

Both the SAM and 8000 Series products feature ISS™, which was developed to meet EU ErP Directives as part of sustainable development at Genelec. ISS minimises energy waste by significantly reducing power consumption when items are left in standby mode. As long as there is audio output detected, the product will continue to function or automatically wakeup. If the ISS circuit is not finding any audio on the input for a period of time, ISS automatically puts the loudspeaker amplifier to a low-power sleep state where the loudspeaker will consume less than 0.5 watts of power.

For more information on the 1237A/1238A and a demonstration, visit us today on stand 8-D61 at IBC 2013.

We have a great Genelec team on hand show the 8000 Series and talk through Genelec’s work in support of the environment.