Genelec DSP Studio Monitors Make Music in Japan

Hiroaki Ogushi, a Japanese sound engineer, has recently upgraded his home studio with a Genelec 8240A active DSP monitoring system. The new set up will allow the freelance sound engineer, who is active in pop, rock and game music, to deliver optimum results for his stable of young pop and rock musicians such as meg rock, Zwei, D☆DATE, and earthmind.

His work is done in both a large professional studio and in his own home studio. At one time everything from recording to editing and mixing, was done in the large studio. However, more recently, along with many other sound engineers, he has started to do editing and pre-mixing in his home studio. The range of work which can be done from home studio set ups has widened due to improvements in the production environment of home studios. In his acoustically treated home studio, Hiroaki Ogushi has selected analogue outboards, a professional DAW system and at the centre of the system is a pair of Genelec 8240A active studio monitors installed as the main monitoring system.

A key reason for his choosing a Genelec DSP loudspeaker system was their reputation for excellent performance within the professional audio community. "I decided to get Genelec 8240A active monitors because they have a wide reproducing range,” says Hiroaki Ogushi. “The range I now handle would not have been possible with the monitors I previously had. Also, the loudspeaker responds quickly and naturally to my EQ and pan adjustments so I can create sound for a whole track easily".

He also added details that only a sought-after freelance engineer can provide: " When I go to a large studio and work on tracks pre-mixed in my home studio, I can minimize the differences in the monitor system by using the GLM AutoCal system and I can proceed to final mix and final check without any stress. Since the setting data of AutoCal can be saved and recalled, I am able to replicate various studio environments easily when I want to work at, for example, 'xx studio's suite A'. It is the ideal that the GLM system can minimize the difference in monitoring environments in this way.”