Genelec and Pebble Audio sign global collaboration agreement

Genelec PebbleAudio rsGenelec Oy and Pebble Audio Oy have entered into co-operation to provide high quality wireless audio solutions. The first phase includes Genelec distributing Pebble Audio products in Europe. However, the collaboration agreement is global and in the future Genelec will be distributing Pebble Audio products worldwide.

Pebble Audio is a Finnish company specialised in high quality, stylish and easy-to- use wireless products. The product design allows replacement of audio cables, which enables efficient layout planning. The products use standard interfaces, which makes them compatible with audio products from other manufacturers.

Pebble Audio products are delivered ready with wireless links connected, so you can just "plug & play". Extensions to the installation are simple to add with the help of additional receivers.

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Siamäk Naghian
Genelec Oy
Managing Director
Harri Wallenius
Pebble AudioOy
Managing Director

Pdf press release here available in Finnish, Swedish and English

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