XM Production/Effanel Music chooses Genelec 8200 DSP Systems for the Grammy® Awards

EffanelLOS ANGELES, CA, February 12, 2007 — At the 49th Annual GRAMMY® Awards Show, telecast on CBS from LA’s Staples Center on the evening of Sunday February 11th, XM Productions/Effanel Musicimplemented Genelec 8200 Series DSP Monitoring Systems. Genelec DSP systems comprised of 8250 and 8240 monitors along with the 7260 subwoofer were used in both XM Productions/Effanel Music's L7 truck for the music mix, as well as in the mirrored system in the ORB (Offline Remix Booth). Genelec 1031A monitors were employed by XM Production/Effanel Music for the orchestral music mix at this landmark event. The Emmy® Award-winning GRAMMY show takes full advantage of the highest-resolution broadcast quality offered by CBS, which distributes HDTV and 5.1 channels of CD-quality surround sound in a number of major markets on its High Definition Television Network. 

The HDTV/5.1 broadcast was mixed and monitored by a team of top-tier professionals, all relying on Genelec to provide them an accurate monitoring environment. The audio portion of the broadcast was supervised by Phil Ramone and Hank Neuberger, leading members of the Producers & Engineers Wing of The Recording Academy®, while the Music Mixers includedJohn Harris and Eric Schilling as well as Joel Singer who handled the orchestral music mixes.

The Genelec 8200 Series Bi-Amplified Monitors employ the company’s proprietary DSP (Digital Signal Processing), GLM™ (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager software) and AutoCal™ (Automated Calibration software) technologies, which together create a self-calibrating monitoring solution that both guarantees accurate audio and ensures a steady-paced workflow. This combined with XM Productions/Effanel Music’s long-time use of Genelec active monitors made the Genelec DSP monitors an easy decision. Joel Singer, Orchestra Music Mixer and XM Productions/Effanel Music’s Lead Engineer, stated, "Genelec monitoring represents everything we’ve come to expect from a high end studio speaker. Musically these are the best sounding speakers we’ve used and they deliver show after show for us. With the ability to utilize DSP to adapt the surround speaker field you feel comfortable knowing your monitoring is spot on.”