New GLM™ Software V1.1.1 with AutoCal™ for Win XP & Mac OS X!

Autocal V1-1-1The Genelec DSP loudspeaker systems featuring GLM™ and AutoCal™ are now ready to fulfil all needs of the Mac user community as the new GLM™ software release 1.1.1, available from 14th of May 2007, incorporates full AutoCal™ functionality for both Windows XP as well as Mac OS X (versions 10.3.9 – 10.4.9, both PowerPC and Intel based platforms) operating systems. 

The new GLM™ on both platforms also includes new functionality: Symmetrical Placement EQ™ for AutoCal™. This new feature enables users to force a pair of loudspeakers placed symmetrically in relation to the listening position and in acoustically symmetrical positions relative to room boundaries to have identical EQ settings. In these high-quality monitoring rooms Symmetrical Placement EQ™ further improves imaging producing an extremely stable and precise stereo image.

With these latest developments we trust to see an increasing number of customers to enter the Genelec DSP world enjoying all the benefits of AutoCal™. In the future all GLM™ software packages will include both Windows and Mac versions of the software.