Finnish sound in Swiss dance clubs and bars

Byblos clubAfter recent refurbishment, "Le Byblos” club in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, is now completely equipped with Genelec.

Genelec loudspeakers are not always installed in studios and broadcast applications. In fact, why should the world leader in professional studio monitoring not also apply his technology and sound quality in larger installations?

"In my club I want to have the finest sound only," was the clear message of Joseph Bongiovanni, owner of the dance club and restaurant-bar "Le Byblos" on the shore of the beautiful Lake Neuchâtel.Byblos club

The responsible Swiss installation company CKSDE (Cyber Kitchen Sound Design Enterprise) took this challenge to plan and specify the finest gear the world of studio monitors offers.

No compromises for the compact dance floor in the club. Four Genelec 1037C 3-way active monitors and a double 12" active subwoofer Genelec 7071A were installed.

The configuration is not simply loud, but guarantees, thanks to advanced technology and outstanding components an excellent and balanced sound image. "It sounds really studio-like …" enthuses owner Joseph Bongiovanni.

The bar and lounge areas are supported by six Genelec 8040A monitors and a Genelec 7070A subwoofer. The entire setup can be controlled individually in different zones by a dbx ZonePro 1260. The DJ area is equipped with an additional JBL EON 15G2  monitor.
Byblos club
To ensure that the volume levels can’t be unintentionally exceeded, a Drawmer SP2120 Speaker Protector is integrated in the whole system.

Additionally, the comfortable restaurant area also features Genelec sound system concept. Six Genelec 8030A two-way monitors and a Genelec 7070A subwoofer give the guests discrete and quality background music. A dbx ZonePro 640 also allows controlling of individual sound zones.
Byblos club
After the successful Genelec Dance Club project in Gstaad, now with the club and restaurant "Le Byblos" in Neuchâtel another successful club sound concept has been implemented.