The Shapeshifters go for Genelec monitoring systems

Marlin Reich
Genelec, pioneers of studio monitor speaker technology, have supplied an 8250A DSP monitoring system and an 8020A active system to the Shapeshifters in their newly re-furbished studio in West London.

Simon Marlin and Max Reich are the brains behind The Shapeshifters; a chart-topping partnership and internationally esteemed DJ team. Both led very eclectic careers. Max was already a successful DJ in his home-town of Gothenburg, Sweden. Simon started as a promoter and DJ in his home city of Leicester where he ran a popular venue in town. Gothenburg is were they first met in 1996.

Their creative partnership combined Simon’s love of house music and Max’s studio experience; ‘Lola’s Theme’ was their first collaboration and became an international number 1 hit, spending more than 8 weeks at the top of the national airplay chart. A string of hits followed such as ‘Back to Basics’ and ‘Incredible’ all of which are now staple dance-floor movers.

Simon and Max now run their own record label ‘Nocturnal Groove’ with Simon's wife Lola and have a number of projects in the pipeline. The time came to upgrade their studio and after auditioning many different speaker brands they were knocked out with the new Genelec DSP systems.

By their own admission the acoustics of their control room is far from perfect, but with the Genelec AutoCal automatic room alignment system, the deficiencies were soon addressed resulting in a much truer sound.

Simon says: ‘We had had our old monitoring system for many years and thought it was good, but when we fired up the Genelecs it was like night and day, the difference was stunning.’

Max adds: ‘Our workflow is much faster now, as we do not need to adjust our final mixes to the extent we used to, the result is much truer.’