Genelec reels in a big fish Down Under

Sydney Aquarium large picture
Sydney: Genelec has been up to something fishy in Darling Harbour. The Finnish active monitoring specialist is providing the sound for the popular Disney / Pixar Finding Nemo exhibition at the Sydney Aquarium. The aquarium is one of the city's tourist hotspots and welcomes more than a million visitors a year.

Sydney aquarium speakers setup
The install was done by a local firm, Switched On Living, which specialises in home automation systems. A Genelec system comprising 1030A,1032A with a7070A sub woofer was chosen for its ability to perform equally well at low and high levels in a difficult acoustic environment.

Switched on Living MD, David Beauchamp, says: "There are lots of hard surfaces and the venue is very large, and we knew that Genelec could be relied on to meet the challenge."