Genelec DSP is Big in Japan!

Hideyuki Suzuki_1 Hideyuki “Daichi” SUZUKI is a sound producer/arranger of J-pop (Japanese popular music) who enjoys a high profile in Japanese popular culture. He has worked with many top artists in J-pop (SMAP, Yui, Ayaka Lida, Mihimaru GT, Kou Shibasaki and Morning Musume), and alongside his work in popular music, Mr Suzuki is also well known for his work creating soundtracks for many animation productions.

Much of his work is created at his home studio in Tokyo. He has developed an ideal work space featuring a booth for drum recording and racks filled with a lot of latest and vintage equipment. Everything from tracking to mixdown can be done in the room. Recently pair of Genelec 8250A 2-way DSP monitors have been installed in the studio. Like many in Japan, Mr Suzuki was an avid devotee of the Genelec 1030A but is now delighted to have made the switch to the 8000 Series:
“The 8250 retains the naturalness which is the well-known feature of Genelec sound, but my impression is that the 8250A is a step up from 1030A,” he says. “The 8250A has a wider reproduction range and gives me an increased confidence at the higher end of the spectrum. Recent music has a very wide frequency range, and I need monitors that can provide this range with a neutral sound. In my opinion, compared with 1030A, the 8250A does this better.
Hideyuki Suzuki_3With a home studio, the 8250A wide frequency rage and compact enclosure size was ideal for his purpose. Furthemore, the 8250A also features Genelec’s GLM™ loudspeaker control networking system that offers custom setting of all system parameters and the detailed acoustical alignment of every loudspeaker in the system. This is an especially useful feature for any home studio owners who often have to work with imperfect acoustical conditions. For Mr. Suzuki, who frequently works in large studios, GLM™ was the ideal tool to recreate the sonic quality of larger studios in a smaller space. According to Mr. Kono of Otaritec Corporation, Genelec’s authorized dealer in Japan and installer of this pair of 8250As, the GLM™ multi-point measurement feature was extremely effective in allowing Mr Suzuki to best listening conditions possible. Other musicians who visit his studio have also praised Mr Suzuki’s installation of Genelec 8250As.