Genelec Adds Tones of Colour to 8000 Series

8000 Series 800px
Genelec is to officially preview its updated 8000 Series at Prolight+sound 2011 in Frankfurt. The company will be displaying some new contemporary colour options for the range on Booth 8.0 H25 as well as promoting the traditional strengths of the leading 2-way monitor series on the market. 

“During its years on the market, the 8000 Series has become the benchmark for active monitoring loudspeakers” says Terho Savolainen, Marketing Manager of Genelec Oy. “With its combination of excellent performance and user-friendly features the range is a popular monitoring choice across a range of disciplines; studio, broadcast, installed event and fixed installation. This popularity has extended into the home studio market where aesthetic considerations can be a persuasive influence. We’ve responded to this trend by updating the colour palette of the range with some new contemporary finishes specifically for this market.”

The 8000 Series represents the culmination of Genelec’s thirty years of experience in loudspeaker design and development. Suitable for a wide variety of tasks including near-field monitoring, mobile vans, broadcast control rooms, surround sound systems and home studios, the range produces high SPL output, low colouration and broad bandwidth in a small enclosure size. The Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™) and advanced Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) combine to provide excellent frequency balance in even the most difficult acoustic environments. 

Genelec is also looking forward to actively promoting the benefits of its extended warranty scheme at the show. The scheme offers owners and purchasers of Genelec products an opportunity to extend the warranty period of their Genelec product from two to four years, offering a significant benefit to those signing up: 

“Long product lifetime is a value people don’t always consider when specifying monitors,” says Terho Savolainen. “When comparing products it is always worth factoring in the full product life cycle costs when making comparisons. Judged on that scale, our products will stack up extremely favourably against lower quality products which need regular servicing or replacement due to technical failure.”

The Extended Warranty scheme is a strategic initiative by Genelec to drive forward an agenda of world-class product support and sustainabilty. The company also has a dedicated corporate Sustainability website that sets out the company’s green credentials and vision for the future. The site covers issues ranging from product manufacture through to recycling and industry standards and guidelines. For more information visit

Visit the Genelec booth 8.0 H25 at Prolight+sound 2011 for more information.