Genelec’s in the House

SirColinSir Colin, Switzerland’s number one House-DJ and producer, has recently upgraded his control room monitors to the multi award-winning Genelec 8260A  DSP system. Supplied by Dr.W.A.Günther Audio Systems AG of Zurich, the 8260As will help keep Sir Colin’s talents in demand in Switzerland and across Europe.

Sir Colin (whose real name is Engin Colin Kilic) began his DJ career in 1998 and has since forged a reputation as a top producer of new music, as well as becoming owner of his own record label, 'Park’ in Place Music'. Located near Zurich, Sir Colin works here with his musical partner DJ Owen (alias Bülent Aksoy) to create their chart topping and bestselling sounds. They have several tracking and control rooms, and Sir Colin has come to rely on the unique quality and reliability that only Genelec monitors can offer. When looking to upgrade, he was immediately won over by the new Genelec  8260A DSP system: “I’ve never discerned so many details in a track on the first hearing,” he says. “The basses were accurate and sounded real tough. That’s exactly how I want it to sound in the clubs.” This reaction came after only three minutes of working with the new system! 

Now positioned in Control Room at 'Park’ in Place Music', the Genelec 8260A system was installed and set up by with the assistance of Stefano Nuñez, product specialist of Dr.W.A.Günther via the GLM control and calibration kit. The automated acoustical calibration took only a few minutes, which included setting levels and room response details. This is a fundamental step in any system set up and the monitors are now adjusted to the specific acoustic settings of the rooms at Park’in Place Music. The result can be heard by anyone: no booming, just a full, clear bass. 

The newly developed coaxial-technology also guarantees a linearity and accuracy of sound that had not been expected: “This is really, really good,” both Engin and Bülent agree.