Genelec introduces its 4000 series two-way active monitors

4020A Photo1— Company launches new series of Active Monitors with a sophisticated enclosure designed specifically for contractors and system integrators —

NATICK, MA, July 7, 2011 — Genelec, the world’s longstanding pioneer in active monitoring, introduces the new 4000 Series – a range of two-way active loudspeakers which deliver the same high-level performance as the company’s studio monitors, but with additional features specifically designed for the system integration market.

The 4000 Series’ connectivity and installation features ensure a smooth, trouble-free installation for contractors and system integrators incorporating audio into their installations. The 4000 Series is Genelec’s first foray into the commercial and professional installation market sector, and the company is working towards expanding its offering to the professional A/V market.

Both of the models in the new 4000 Series (4020 and 4030) feature major advances in audio driver technology. They are integrated with a sophisticated enclosure design, and Genelec’s proprietary Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC™) Mid/High driver technology takes a big step in perfecting audio quality in professional active monitors in the installation market sector. The innovative Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) is formed by blending the new MDC driver surface perfectly with the enclosure’s front shape to provide extremely accurate control of the speaker’s directivity. This acoustically optimized smooth DCW provides astoundingly flat on-axis and off-axis frequency response.4020A Photo2The 4020 and 4030 are fitted with “Phoenix” screw terminals, common with the leading products in the A/V sector. This ensures an easy, secure connection and interference-free, professional quality sound. The audio performance and stress-free installation are further enhanced by the perfectly matched integrated amplifier. The in-built protection circuitry also guarantees the reliability of the loudspeaker system in all operating conditions, as drivers are electronically protected from signal peaks and misuse of the system. This single-assembly combination chassis makes for a surprisingly compact and powerful amplified loudspeaker system that is easy to install and can be discreetly integrated into end-user environments of all types and design.
The precise “Room Response” controls, including calibrated bass tilt, treble tilt and bass roll-off, optimize the loudspeaker’s response to different acoustical environments and guarantee first-class sound, whatever the interior design. Mounting is also simple: the integrated support points for Omnimount 20.5 series hardware on the enclosure back panel and the 3/8” UNC threaded hole at the base of the enclosure, combined with the wide variety of mounting options and accessories available from Genelec, provide versatility and choice to suit all installation scenarios.

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