Top Japanese Pop Music Producer, Mr. Shinjiro Inoue, Installs Genelec 8250A DSP Monitoring System

mr inoueMr. Shinjiro Inoue, one of the most versatile Japanese popular music producers, has recently added a pair of Genelec 8250A 2-way DSP monitor speakers to his studio. The new speakers will play a key role in his work as an arranger, beat maker, guitarist, music creator unit "lambsey" and composer for Japanese and Korean top popular music artists such as Kumi Koda, Tong Vfang Xien Qi amongst others.

Mr. Inoue's studio is equipped with an enviable array of the latest equipment much desired by home recording engineers including the ProTools HD system. In his studio he can carry out vocal recording, dubbing and mix down. Until recently he had been using a pair of very popular near-field monitors, however he felt that this model was not able to handle the demands of the current music scene. He decided to upgrade to Genelec.

Mr. Inoue states that you have to be able to monitor low frequencies clearly in modern music production environment and the 8250A's low end resolution satisfies this criteria very well. But this is not the only reason for choosing the 8250A. Mr. Inoue also wanted his new speaker system to play a role as the large monitor - the main monitoring system in his studio, not to be limited as a near-field monitor. He found that the Genelec 8250A has the optimal size and sound pressure level also as the main monitor in his professional project studio, making it the ideal replacement.

Alongside this, another reason for the upgrade was that his studio suffered from an acoustical problem that meant the sound from his speakers changed if he altered his sitting position. He was able to overcome this with Genelec's automatic calibration system AutoCal using the Multi-point measurement function. Based on the measurements performed at multiple seat positions in the room, AutoCal aligns the sound characteristics to the average, allowing Mr. Inoue to move his position without detriment to his listening experience.

His studio also includes a large recording/mix room in which drum sessions are run. When he works in this space, he brings the 8250As in the control room and runs AutoCal to be able to work with the same sound characteristics as in his main room. Like other Genelec DSP Seriesusers, he also utilises the power of the DSP system in full inoue2
Mr. Inoue also talks about merits of having Genelecs: "Before using the Genelec monitors, I used to apply EQ or mix while thinking: “this monitor speaker has this kind of sound characteristic, so this setting must be a little higher or lower, etc.” However, with Genelecs, I feel like I’m handling the instrument sounds directly. And it is not that you hear just bare sounds, they are highly musical. The Genelec speaker allows me to forget that the sound actually comes from it, I can concentrate on my work and I become less worried about my mixdown. Previously, I sometimes felt discrepancies between my original intention and what I heard when listening to my completed tunes at home. But now that I have the Genelec 8250A DSP monitoring system in place, this scarcely happens.”

He appraises the basic philosophy of Genelec products in this way: “high-fidelity sound as close to the original signal as possible with and musical atmosphere created by harmonics from the metal dome tweeter.”

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