Genelec at Finnish Design Unwrapped exhibition - London

2 19 leading designers from Finland exhibiting jointly with a photography exhibition of Finnish design language by Jani Kaila.

The exhibition showcases cutting edge Finnish contemporary design objects and well as photographs of the Finnish design language and portraits of 19 Finnish designers from the fields of industrial design, furniture, lighting, glassware, ceramics, jewellery and shoes.

By exhibiting the design objects together with the photographs, the exhibition offers a unique insight into the current Finnish design language in the premises at The Rag Factory in East London. The visitors will experience the beautifully designed kelopuu (deadwood) furniture pieces, a selection of innovative chairs and sofas, modern lighting solutions, contemporary ceramics, unique glassware, felt shoes and high heels, subwoofers and speakers, art installations and jewellery concurrently with the images of the designers and their works.

Jani Kaila has photographed the designers at their working environment and whilst relaxing at the source of their inspiration. The photographs reflect the Finnish way of life and give a new perspective to the contemporary Finnish design.4
'I aimed to get an understanding how the designers work, what their inspirations are and how they relax. The portraits I took were photographed at the natural surroundings each designer chose and it was important to keep the authenticity as I wanted to show the public how each designer relates to their environment. I got to know each designer individually and therefore it was easier for me to bring their products alive in the product shoots. It was a privilege to get to see how the glass is blown, the ceramics created and the shoes produced as well as to understand the inspirations behind the jewellery, lighting and furniture design" Jani Kaila says.

The designers included are Stefan Lindfors, Harri Koskinen, Ilkka Suppanen, Tapio Anttila, Mikko Paakkanen, Rane Vaskivuori, Jonas Hakaniemi, Markku Salo, Anu Penttinen, Aki Choklat, Julia Lundsten, Maria Jauhiainen, Lotta Veromaa, Mika Tolvanen, Nathalie Lahdenmaki, Jatta Lavi, Veera Kulju, Paivi Raivio and Tuomas Ervamaa.

Unwrapped is presented in partnership with London Design Festival and it is part of the international programme of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.
The exhibition will move to Helsinki Design Museum during 2012.


Private view on Thursday, 15 September at 7.30pm.
Exhibition will be open for public 16 - 25 September, 10am - 8pm.
Free Admission.