The Sound of Genelec is Music to Nightwish

Genelec MG_8912_800Nightwish, the world-renowned rock band from Finland, has just recently completed their work on Imaginaerum, its most ambitious project to date. Featuring a brand new album and feature film, the ground-breaking project will be the band’s seventh studio album. Genelec active monitors – a long time choice for the band – have been used throughout the whole process of recording and mixing audio for the album and film. 

Imaginaerum, the album (along with the movie of the same name), will tell the story of a composer who is reminiscing about his youth while on his deathbed. Due to be released in November 2011, the project’s main recording sessions took place at Petrax Studios in Finland in addition to some sessions at Finnvox Studios in Finland and Angel Studios in the UK. During the sessions the Genelec 8240Abi-amplified DSP monitoring system was used to guarantee similar sound characteristics independent of the room acoustics – a handy benefit of the Genelec AutoCal™ calibration. Being able to perfectly reproduce the intricate sounds that are typical of Nightwish’s symphonic compositions, the 8240As are the perfect production monitor for the project. 

Terho Savolainen, Marketing Manager of Genelec, comments on the relationship between Nightwish and Genelec: “We are obviously delighted that Nightwish are once again using Genelec monitors for one of their albums. We have worked with the band for many years and have seen them grow into a world-wide phenomenon that they are now – a bit like Genelec speakers! Imaginaerum will be something special and we are all looking forward to hearing - and seeing - the fruits of the band’s labours.” 

Compact and powerful, the 8240A boasts incredible performance and is ideal in applications where a wide frequency response is needed but space is limited. This makes it an ideal monitoring tool for such applications as recording studios, post-production houses, broadcast installations and mobile production vehicles.Genelec MG_8531_800The 8240A builds on the rock-solid technology of the highly-acclaimed 8040Aand features an ingenious, flow optimized, reflex port that provides solid, clear and articulated low frequencies without compression, distortion or port noises. The advanced Genelec Directivity Control Waveguide™ (DCW™) and rounded edges and gently curved housing of the MDE™ (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure™) enclosure results an astoundingly flat frequency response both on and off axis. Other benefits include superb imaging precision and minimum listening fatigue. 

The carefully designed crossover filters have extremely steep roll-off characteristics that feed dedicated power amplifiers for each of the low distortion drivers. The 8240A also features magnetic shielding, overload protection circuitry and versatile room response controls as standard. The Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™) control network and software enhances further the performance of the 8240A: it features adjustment of levels, distance delays and flexible room response improvement equalization with the reliable and robust AutoCal™ automated calibration system via the GLM™ control network. 

Each 8240A comes with an Iso-Pod™ (Isolation Positioner/Decoupler™) which eliminates colouration of the sound by decoupling the monitor from its mounting surface. The Iso-Pod™ also allows the monitor to be angled so that its acoustic axis points directly at the listener. For ideal mounting in differing environments, the 8240A includes integrated rear support points for floor and wall stands, with an additional M10 threaded mounting hole on the enclosure base.

A video of Nightwish discussing the Imaginarium project and their approach to recording is available at

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