Genelec Sets the Stage at Audiorama!

1 (1)Audiorama is a brand new facility inStockholm,Sweden, dedicated to staging innovative productions of sound art and electro-acoustic music. Said to be the only venue of its type in Northern Europe, it is located in an old torpedo workshop in Skeppsholmen and puts on a diverse range of events, from audio drama and sound art, through to special children and youth productions. All the events are different in their own way, but connected by their use of sound. 

The venue is able to hold a seated audience of between seventy and one hundred people. These audiences are entertained by productions that are exclusively audio, so a unique sound system has been designed for an exclusive listening experience. The system is made up of twenty one loud speakers in discrete channels, that surround the listener from floor to ceiling.

Designed by Marcus Wrangö, Technical Producer at Audiorama, the soundscapes are projected from a 17.4 system which features eight Genelec 8260A speakers placed equidistant in a circle around the listener; five 8240A speakers above the listener and four Genelec 8130Aspeakers at floor level. These are combined with four 7260A subwoofers. This set up has been conceived because there is no visual focus, so no predetermined orientation for the sound system. To add a further dimension to performances, there is a dynamic light installation with controllable white and coloured light that enhances the audio experience with mood and visual ambience.3“We are delighted that Genelec was the loudspeaker choice of the Audiorama design team,” says Lars-Olof Janflod, Broadcast Systems Manager at Genelec. “The installation makes unique demands on the sound system as audio is the central experience of a performance staged at Audiorama. I’m glad that our speakers are able to withstand this intense scrutiny and are a key part of the success of the facility.” 

Central to the sound system is the Genelec 8260A. A winner of a string of audio industry awards, this flagship studio monitor has achieved the impressive feat of winning a prize in all the recognized audio industry awards during its first year on the market. All awards have remarked on the technical achievements of the 8260A. Of particular note is the combination of advanced audio driver technology within a sophisticated enclosure design. Furthermore, the ability of the MDC™ Minimum Diffraction Coaxial Mid/High driver technology to deliver accurate imaging and sound quality (both on the acoustical axis as well as off-axis) ensures outstanding clarity and definition of the inner details of the music – a critical feature in the Audiorama environment.

The Genelec DSP signal processing is responsible for all loudspeaker functions, such as the crossover filters, driver equalizers, driver position alignment, room response alignment, calibration, and equalization related filters as well as distance compensating delays. The Genelec Loudspeaker Manager™ (GLM™) software manages all these functions allowing the8260A to be used together with other 8200 Series DSP monitors and 7200 Series subwoofers in the same setup. Genelec AutoCal™ automated room calibration and sound system alignment method provides consistent and accurate frequency response for a multi-channel audio system in widely varying room environments.

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Sound system Facts

17 speakers and 4 subwoofers – a 17.4 system.

Speakers elevated in three levels:
1 st Genelec 8240A (two way) centered in the ceiling.
4 st Genelec 8240A (two way) in a iron circle in the ceiling.
8 st Genelec 8260A (three way, fullrange) in a circle at 1600mm height, could be raised to 2100mm.
4 st Genelec 8130A (two way) at floor level, built into benches, one in each corner of the room.
4 st Genelec 7260A subwoofers, at floor level, built into benches, one in each corner of the room.
Playback equipment:
ProTools HD Native, routing and playback.
Apple Mac Pro Computer.

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