Chris Watson Chooses Genelec for Exhibition

ChrisWatsonA recent exhibition at Newlyn Art Gallery in Penzance, Cornwall, featured Genelec8020B active monitors playing the sound recordings Chris Watson (of Springwatch fame) . A recipient of a BAFTA for his work with Sir David Attenborough, Chris’s latest project saw him collaborate with Phoebe Cummings (the recent V&A artist-in-residence) on a joint work that blends sound and sculpture.

In ‘Down There Among the Roots’, Chris and Phoebe focus on exploring the passage and time and our sensory perceptions of time. By combining aural and visual elements, the two artists draw attention to aspects of geographical landscapes that are often overlooked and make the audience aware of the beauty we don’t always see and hear. Chris describes his work as, “putting a microphone where you can’t put your ears,” and chose Genelec 8020B active monitors to be discreetly installed throughout the exhibition space. Supplied by Source Distribution, the Genelec monitors ensured the original recordings achieve a heightened sensory experience and immersive involvement for the visitor.

The exhibition took place over different levels and spaces across the gallery. On the lower floor, the monitors projected the sounds of subterranean telegraph wires; recorded by burying recording equipment in the ground and using hydrophones submerged in the surrounding ocean. Elsewhere in the gallery, an isolated dark room showcased a spot-lit miniature landscape by Phoebe, with eerie background music from Chris. Another installation is inspired by the exquisite scenes and fragments from the Cornish landscape and was complemented by Recorded in the Air’ a further composition from Chris.GenelecGallery

Chris specified Genelec active monitors, having used them to great success in his previous work. Steve Fisher, Genelec Product Specialist at Source Distribution, took an active role in the installation: “The challenge for us at Newlyn was to guarantee clarity and quality of audio while minimising visual impact on the installation. From the start, it was clear this was an art exhibition not a concert and most definitely, not a muzak install! The sound is an integral part of the art work, so the equipment needed to perform in a way that enhances the experience and not detract from it. The 8020B are the perfect fit. The size and colour of the monitors makes them blend into the background and the quality of audio reproduction is clean, focused and true to the original recordings.”

8020B Technical Specifications

8020B (1)The 8020B active 2-way monitor has a die-cast aluminiumMinimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™), which features relatively large internal volumes; softly curved edges and outstanding mechanical strength. As a result, the imaging accuracy and low frequency extension are truly astounding.

The 8020B also incorporates the advanced Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™), which provides an amazingly smooth on and off axis response; while the long, curved reflex port ends in a wide flare for excellent bass articulation.

Each monitor features a 105 mm (4 inch) bass driver along with a 19 mm (3/4 inch) tweeter loaded into a new advanced Genelec Directivity Controlled Waveguide (DCW™). The free field frequency response is 66 Hz to 20 kHz (± 2.5 dB). Maximum peak SPL output per pair with music material is 105 dB at 1 m. Bass and treble are each powered by 20 watt amplifiers.