Genelec for the Norwegian Academy of Music

NAM multichannel roomOslo’s Norwegian Academy of Music has installed multichannel Genelec monitoring systems in three new rooms at its new premises in the capital. Started some 25 years ago, the Academy originally ran two SSL 4000 consoles -- one in a traditional recording studio the other as an electrophonic music room. While the desks have long gone the spaces have remained and have been supplemented by the move at the beginning of last year and the new control rooms, which are used by the Academy’s musicians for their work.

NAM multichannel room‘Our goal here is that they should work on their own in the studios from Day One,’ said Mats Claesson, associate professor in modern music production. Musicians get only a basic grounding in recording and are then left to run Cubase and Nuendo and a wealth of plug-ins. Getting the monitoring environments right was an essential and they employ Genelec 8050A's in 5.1 in two rooms and in 7.1 in the third.

'I've used Genelec since 1983 and we had Genelecs in our old studios,’ said Mats. ‘We conducted our own tests and we tried every small speaker model that had a Norwegian distributor and we still preferred the