Tribute to the troubadour Evert Taube with Genelec systems

Evert Taube
Barely known outside his native Sweden, Evert Taube is something of an iconic figure for many of his fellow countrymen. A singer of epic songs, a songwriter, poet, painter, author, musician and sometime movie star, Taube led the kind of baroque existence few artists today can even dare to attempt, let alone realize with their credibility intact. 

After Taube’s death in 1976, a huge archive of his personal artefacts – including rare recordings, original manuscripts, drawings and photographs – lay in storage for three decades, until surviving family members agreed to loan some of them to Gothenburg’s Liseberg Amusement Park so that they could be put on public display in a new pavilion dedicated to his life and work.

In the ‘lighthouse’ room, the soundtrack is delivered to five Genelec 8050A loudspeakers (three mounted below the curved screen, with two at the sides of the room for surround effects), with three 8030As across the top of the screen and a mammoth 7073A subwoofer, also below the screen.

Dan Goldstein from Installation Europe Magazine reports here.