8250A for Finnish team Silencio - 'Clean Living Types'

Genelec 8250A monitoring helps Finnish production/writing team Silencio to ‘perform'. This is quite possibly the cleanest studio in the world. There’s not a spec of dust on any of the worktops; the vintage outboard in the control room (the White Room) all looks polished; nothing is out of place. And yet, our Finnish hosts, the Silencio team – Petri Salonen and Kimmo Oksanen – have been known to be a bit dirty. 

By day, the friends run a small but growing mastering and production business from an anonymous apartment block within 10 minutes’ walk of Helsinki city centre. But, when the work is done, the guys retire to the playroom, where there’s a cornucopia of dance machines: Roland 303s, 606s, a 909, an 808, a red SH-101, a MiniMoog and more. 

There, they write and rehearse as the Acid Kings, ready to go out to festivals and clubs to perform live acid techno. Always wearing wrestling masks. Sometimes naked. I kid you not. Ahem.
Back to the day job. Silencio has been in business for around a year, creating, recording, mixing, producing and mastering commercials, audio books, educational material, jingles and the like.

Genelec speakers to Finns isn’t a tough gig, is it? “We have heard different speakers; and thinking of all the different types of work we do here, the Genelecs were by far the most suitable,” says Teemu Oksanen “We took half a year to choose. We heard Klein and Hummel, for instance,” adds Salonen. 

“I have come from an architect’s story office, where things need to look right. So the look was important to us too. Most speakers are pretty ugly – just boxes! When you have something that has a form, and that has to fit a space, that’s a big thing.” So the 8250As look good, sound good, and have that extra bit of tech to give them that extra functional edge. Simple as that. “And with this set up we can easily upgrade to 6.1 or 7.1, because of the digital nature of the speakers, without too much fuss.” 

There are a pair of 8250As, and another 7270A sub, in the playroom too. That’s where Silencio turn into Acid Kings for the second part of the interview and play some of their searing techno.

Silencio3After mastering on the Genelecs, the natural counterpart (says the band) is to go to the Red Room club in the city where a Funktion One system provides critical listening in an actual club environment. “Minimal stuff, techno – Kraftwerk, that type of thing – sounds very, very good through the Genelecs,” says Salonen. 
And that’s when they show PSNE the footage of the Acid Kings playing at a French festival, wearing nothing but, well, masks, and covering their modesty with Roland machines. It’s very weird. Do you have other bands in here, other artists, I ask? “No! We want to keep it all clean!” 

Dave Robinson