Swiss Producers Camenzind & Hermann rely on Genelec 8250A

Swiss Hitmill studio duoWho is not familiar with the hits of Baschi, Florian Ast, Lovebugs, Gimma, Bligg, Myron, Sandee or Natacha and others. There are not many more successful Swiss music productions, which do not come out from the ‘hit-factory’ of Hitmill Studio in the heart of Zurich.

The producer duo Roman Camenzind and Fred Hermann can look back for successful past. Their reference list leaves no doubt open. Besides the duo is always inspired by new musical influences and their creativity both as sound engineer and producer lead them to only count on first-class audio equipment. Even in the last stage of the audio chain - the monitoring - neither Camenzind nor Hermann accept any compromises.

The innovative and features packed Genelec DSP monitoring systems also convinced the cracks from Hitmill. In particular AutoCal, which compensates the room acoustic influences and allows a very analytical work and guarantees a perfect sound image.Swiss Hitmill studio

The numerous benefits of Genelec 8000 Series are now complemented by many more interesting features. For example, the memory of several sweet spots, an integrated GLM software control or even monitoring of the whole monitoring setup without networking.

Both Roman Camenzind and Fred Hermann swarm in the highest tones about Genelec 8250A DSP systems and they can now count on a reliable monitoring system.