The 6010A wins the 2009 Radio World’s “Cool Stuff” Award

RW Cool StuffGenelec is very proud to announce that the Genelec 6010A two-way active loudspeaker won this year Radio World’s “Cool Stuff” Award. 

Radio World’s “Cool Stuff” Award-winning products, announced by U.S. Editor in Chief Paul J. McLane, were selected by a panel of expert radio broadcast engineers as notable for their design, features, cost efficiency and performance in serving radio broadcast users.

Only a small number of products were chosen for the Radio World “Cool Stuff” Awards from among the hundreds, if not thousands, of new products on display at the 2009 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

6010AThe 6010A is an extremely versatile and compact two-way active loudspeaker system that has been designed for computer sound systems, workstations and other close proximity listening applications. It can even be plugged directly into personal music players for enhanced acoustic enjoyment.

6010AIts small size, amazing sound quality and rugged construction make the 6010A an ideal portable sound system for the professional user. It is ideal for professionals working in various locations.

For detailed infos on the 6010A active system, click here!