New Genelec 8260A Three-Way DSP System

8260A front

Genelec is very proud to introduce to the market the 8260A three-way DSP System which features major advance in audio driver technology integrated to a sophisticated enclosure design.

The 8260A is a master piece in electro-acoustic design as mechanical, acoustical, and signal processing designs are intimately linked together. Genelec 8260A features major advances in audio driver technology integrated to a sophisticated enclosure design. Genelec MDC™ Minimum Diffraction Coaxial Mid/High driver technology takes a big step in perfecting audio quality in professional active studio monitors.

This breakthrough in coaxial driver design provides extremely accurate imaging and improved sound quality both on the acoustical axis as well as off-axis. The extremely smooth frequency response leads to outstanding clarity and definition of the inner details of the music. The 8260A combines, for the first time, a coaxial driver (MDC™) with a modern waveguide technology (DCW™), ensuring drivers to couple coherently over their full operating bandwidth, as well as creating coincident mid-frequency/high-frequency point source.

8260A rear

Designed To Adapt

As a new member of the TEC Award-winning 8200 Series, the 8260A features Genelec DSP signal processing responsible for all loudspeaker functions, such as the crossover filters, driver equalizers, driver position alignment, room response alignment, calibration, and equalization related filters as well as distance compensating delays. The Genelec Loudspeaker Manager™ (GLM™) software manages all these functions allowing the 8260A to be used together with other 8200 Series DSP monitors and 7200 Series subwoofers in the same setup. Genelec AutoCal™ fully automated room calibration and sound system alignment method provides consistent and accurate frequency response for a multichannel audio system in widely varying room environments.

Advanced Genelec DCW™

The innovative DCW™ is formed by blending the new MDC™ surface perfectly with the enclosure front shape to provide extremely accurate control of the speaker’s directivity. This acoustically optimized smooth DCW™ provides astoundingly flat on-axis and off-axis frequency response.

MDC™ – Minimum Diffraction Coaxial Driver

The midrange driver cone forms a smooth, continuous surface between the tweeter and the enclosure. This prevents acoustical diffractions. Diffractions are a major cause of uneven high frequency response in traditional coaxial drivers. The smooth midrange surface contributes to a perfect DCW™ behavior. The treble and midrange drivers couple coherently over their full operating bandwidths as a single coincident point source.

MDE™ – Minimum Diffraction Enclosure

In order to improve frequency and power responses, Genelec has designed a rugged enclosure, featuring acoustically optimized rounded edges and gently curved front and sides. In addition to unsurpassed frequency response, the minimized cabinet edge diffraction yields superb imaging qualities.

The 8260A system represents Genelec’s cutting-edge innovations in all technology domains. The sophisticated acoustical design of the 8260A is complemented by Genelec DSP Technology and GLM™ software, providing powerful and practical tools such as AutoCal™ for accurate alignment, calibration and control of the monitoring system in all situations. The MDC™ coaxial technology is a real breakthrough solution which makes the 8260A unique in the market.