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A Merry Little Christmas

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Listed: 21.12.09
By: Kristina Miletieva-Yordanova
Votes: 494
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Dear Santa, I need to change my Christmas list
There’s one big thing I missed
You see, my Daddy’s working
far away from here.

And you know, Santa,
I asked for a Barbie doll,
And brand new soccer ball,
But you know, I’d trade it all
For just one gift this year.

Bring him home, Santa.
Bring him home to Mom and me.
Let us wake up Christmas morning
And find him standing by our tree.

You can pick him up on your way,
He could ride there in your sleigh
Don’t make him spend Christmas all alone,
Bring him home.

And Santa, here’s a picture that I drew
Of him in his dress blues.
Mamma says our country
needs him over there.

And you know, Santa,
This whole year I have been good
I was hoping that you would
Do all you could
To answer her prayer.