8260A PRO Monitoring
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Genelec Active Loudspeakers for Professional Monitoring

Genelec active studio monitors are designed for demanding professional use. They reveal the original nuances of the sound, without leaving anything out from or adding anything to the signal in any stage of the production.
This performance is based on more than three decades of intensive R&D work and study of the practical problems in studio monitoring. The wide range of active analog and digital studio monitors cover all professional applications from traditional stereo to modern digital surround sound reproduction with latest digital audio formats.
All Genelec monitors, regardless of size, share the same neutral sound characteristics.

Designed to Adapt
As a sound engineer, you need to have a reliable and precise monitor system that reproduces the source sound neutrally. You want an uncolored and undistorted sound with flat frequency response in all situations. A monitor that is capable of automatically adapting to acoustical environments and correcting for levels, delays and room calibration is an indispensable tool for a sound professional. A Smart Active Monitor (SAM) addresses all these demanding tasks.
A SAM system can be controlled with digital networking, enabling you to build highly flexible computer controlled systems of monitors.
The acoustical features of SAMs can be optimized with software calibration features for different working styles or client demands.
SAM reflects the most advanced monitoring system features available in the audio industry.