8050B Bi-Amplified Loudspeaker System

Capable of producing peak SPL of over 120 dB per pair, and with a low frequency response extending down to 35 Hz, the 8050B is a powerful wideband bi-amplified monitoring system.

Our Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) feature, reduces power consumption to less than 0.5 watts by automatically switching the active monitor to standby, when no audio signal has been detected for some time. When it receives an audio signal again, the loudspeaker turns back on.

ISS is fully compliant with the latest EU requirements and the ErP 2013 Directive for electronic devices.

It is an excellent tool for large recording studios, broadcast and surround installations, mastering suites and TV and post-production houses.
Genelec 8050B
maximum sound pressure level 110 dB
frequency response 38 Hz - 20 kHz (± 2 dB)
35 Hz - 21 kHz (-3 dB)
crossover frequency 1.8 kHz
driver dimension Bass 8 in + Treble 1 in
metal dome + DCW™
amplifier power Bass 150 W + Treble 120 W
dimensions H x W x D 452 x 286 x 278 mm
with Iso-Pod™
weight 12.7 Kg (28 lb)
connectors 1 x XLR analog in
8050B back view
MIPA 08  The 8050A is a MIPA (Musikmesse International Press Award) 2006 award winner for Best Studio Monitor (Nearfield).
 Cool Stuff 09 The 8050A is a TEC (Technical Excellence & Creativity) 2005 award winner for Studio Monitor Technology.
For high resolution photos please visit: flickr.com/genelec
The 8050B can be used with the 7071A subwoofer in stereo or up to 6.1-channel surround systems
or with the 7070A subwoofer in stereo systems.

7070A & 8050B (2.1 stereo)

7270A with two 8050B


7071A & 8050B (2.1 stereo)

7071A with two 8050B
v-line 7071A & 8050B (6.1 surround)

7071A with six 8050B